Rock star Register How to use the Facebook app to save on your food costs

How to use the Facebook app to save on your food costs

Facebook has announced a new way of managing your food bills by offering a more personalised experience.

The company has released a new feature in its Facebook app called Food Basket, which lets users save on their food bills through a list of recipes.

Facebook’s Food Baskets feature can be used in both India and the UK.

The new feature is available in both apps and has the same basic functionality as previous iterations.

There are a number of different food types in the list of foods you can save for the day, and you can also choose to save it as a Pinterest Pin.

Here’s a look at the menu and what you can choose to buy with it.

The list of options is a bit more complicated than the old feature.

You’ll have to open the Facebook application, tap the menu button at the top of the page and then tap the ‘View Recipes’ icon.

It will pop up a list with a number at the bottom of the screen that you can tap to add a recipe to your list.

You can choose from over 50 different recipes and can also change the options to suit your tastes.

Once you’ve added a recipe, you can click the ‘Add’ button to add it to your shopping list.

Once the new feature has been activated, you’ll see a list on your Facebook News Feed of all the recipes you have saved.

You’re also able to see how much you’ve saved by tapping on the ‘Total’ button on the right side of the menu.

This is where you’ll want to use it the most.

When you tap the Total button, you will see your total grocery bill for the week.

Facebook says that this will be based on your total spending on food.

When you’re done saving up your food budget, you’re then able to tap the Save button to send the food back to Facebook.

The Facebook app is also going to be updating its app for Indian users over the next few weeks, which means that you’ll be able to add recipes to the list.

The new feature was announced on Monday, but Facebook says it will be rolling it out to UK users next week.

The feature will also be available to Indian users at the end of September.

For more information on how to use Facebook to save money, check out this guide.

Facebook’s new Food Banners feature can also be used to add discounts and coupons to your Facebook shopping list, and it can be set to be used at any time.

You need to have a Facebook account to add and use the new features.

This feature will only be available for Indian Facebook users at present.

Facebook is yet to respond to a request for comment.