Rock star Service ‘Israel is killing Palestinian children’: Report on children killed by Israel

‘Israel is killing Palestinian children’: Report on children killed by Israel

Israel’s government has launched an internal investigation into reports that children have been killed in its Gaza Strip schools.

The report, due on Tuesday, was compiled by a committee appointed by the Ministry of Education in July and sent to the Education Ministry for its approval.

It was sent on Monday, three days after a Palestinian woman was shot in the head in the West Bank, and two days after two Israeli teens were shot and killed in Jerusalem.

The committee is tasked with looking into the circumstances surrounding children’s deaths, with an investigation into whether there is sufficient evidence to open a full and independent investigation into the deaths.

The Education Ministry is also responsible for ensuring that all investigations are conducted in accordance with the law and the rules governing investigations.

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry for Education did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In the report, the committee cited a report that the Israeli military killed six Palestinians during an attack on a mosque in the northern Gaza Strip on Sept. 20, 2016.

The six killed were identified as Ahmad al-Sakha, 14, Mohammed al-Zahra, 14 and Ahmed Abu Shabah, 15.

The Israeli military has never provided a source for the six deaths.

According to the report by the committee, the army said it shot the five terrorists at close range.

However, the two Israelis who were killed by Israeli gunfire after they attempted to flee the mosque were said to have fired at the soldiers.

The Palestinian Ministry of Human Rights and Civil Liberties has criticized the committee’s report, calling for an independent investigation.

The panel also said that a Palestinian girl who was shot and wounded in the neck and head in an Israeli strike on the same mosque had died.

In a statement, the Ministry said it is “looking into the reports of Palestinian children who have been injured and killed by IDF fire during the ongoing Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip.

We are committed to a clear investigation into this matter.”