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How to find a social worker in Melbourne

A social worker may be your best bet to help you cope with the pressures of retirement.

With the number of social workers working in the state having nearly doubled over the past decade, finding a social work specialist can be a tricky business.

It’s no secret that Melbourne’s social workers tend to be relatively inexperienced in the field.

A study published in the Australian Journal of Social Work, for example, found that only about one in five of the social workers surveyed had an initial social work qualification.

A more recent study found that of the 2,700 social workers in the Victorian workforce, only 50% had an MA in social work.

That’s still a pretty high number, but there’s still hope for a social workers with the right skillset.

Here’s how to find the right social worker for your life.


Apply for a job: There are two types of job search: social work and clinical.

When you apply for a new job, you must also get permission from the local social worker or clinical social worker.

If you’re applying for a clinical position, the local occupational health authority (OLA) has a process for reviewing your application.

For social work, it’s a bit different.

If a job requires social work expertise, the application is reviewed by a clinical social work practitioner who also has an MA from a recognised social work school.

A social work practising professional (SPP) can apply for clinical positions as well.

The first step is to look for a practice area.

Depending on the area of practice, the next step is finding out how to apply for your social work license.

Find out what’s available in your area of work by looking at this handy guide.

You’ll also need to apply with the local OLA to be certified as a social services practice professional.

For more information, see the Victorian Ministry of Social Services website.


Set up a practice: You’ll need to establish your practice within your chosen practice area to set up your social workers and social workers of child care (SPCs).

You’ll be required to apply to be licensed by the OLA and set up the practice and pay the fees.

If your local practice is recognised by the Victorian government, the social services authority will issue a license to your SPC.

Once your license is issued, you can apply to become licensed as a clinical supervisor.


Prepare a plan for retirement: You may need to set aside time to retire if you have children.

You may also need time off from work if you retire from social work or as a practising social worker to go out and visit with your family.

You should also prepare a plan to help your social worker manage your finances as well as manage your time.

Your retirement plan will need to include financial planning, such as a budget, and a plan of what your assets are, such like an income statement.

For the latest information on how to set a retirement plan, visit the Victorian Government’s website.


Apply to be trained: You can also apply to have your social works training approved by the Australian Qualification Board (QLB).

This is done in a variety of ways, but usually requires a minimum three-year training course.

This is where you’ll need your social services license.

A basic social services training is a two-year course and is usually taught by a licensed social worker with a minimum of two years of social work experience.

The more advanced training is normally three years and can be taught by an experienced social worker, such a psychologist, occupational therapist or occupational therapist of child and adolescent health.

You can find out more about training and social work training through the Victorian Department of Social and Family Services website and your local social services office.