Rock star Service How do you feel about your social welfare?

How do you feel about your social welfare?

I don’t have a single social welfare benefit, I don the social welfare, and I’m not a member of the public,” she said.”

The problem is the government wants us to be dependent on welfare and we don’t want to be.

“Ms Johnson said she had been told by the state to stay at home and get to work because of her lack of employment.”

I don’t know if they’ve just told me that because they’re not getting my work, or they just want me to get off welfare,” she added.”

It’s just very frustrating.

“Ms Jones said her employer had told her to come and pick up her children from school but they were not coming.”

They’ve told me they’ve been told to be there until the kids come back,” she told Channel Nine.

Ms Jones was on a four-week leave of absence to get her children back after a recent trip to visit a friend in the Townsville region.”

We’re being told we’re just going to have to come back and get our kids,” she explained.”

And we’re not going to go back to work.

“Ms Smith said she would not be returning to work after this.”

There’s no point in me going back and having to work when I can’t be in my own home and doing what I love,” she admitted.”

What I don [want] is a family life and not to be able to see them, not to have that support and to be looking after them.

“The ABC contacted the Victorian Department of Human Services and Welfare for comment.

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