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What is socialism? Social justice quotes

RTE has published a wide range of social justice quotes from across the political spectrum, from the Labour leader Ed Miliband, to former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher and Labour’s current leader Jeremy Corbyn.

In this article, RTE’s Social Justice team examines the key issues surrounding the UK’s socialist movement, the history of social movements, the current political landscape and what they mean to social justice.

Social justice quotes by Ed MilibandEd Miliband: “Social justice means the idea that the people who have been left behind in this country are entitled to have the same opportunities and opportunities as everyone else.

Social justice means not just that we all have the chance, but that we can all succeed.

Social Justice means that no one has a special place in society that they have to pay the price for.

It means that all of us are equal and we are all entitled to the same level of success and opportunity.””

When I was in government, I set out to establish the vision of social equality that would bring social justice to every corner of the country.””

The most powerful tool that we have to make our society a fairer place is the ballot box.

We need to be able to vote for who we think is the best person for the job at hand.

Social Justice means not only being treated with fairness, but being treated fairly.”

On social justice, Ed Miliband:”It’s about being fair to everyone and being able to choose the best and most effective person for our country.”

On why social justice is a key political issue:”Social justice is about the right to have a fair share of the national wealth and the opportunity to get on the ladder of success.

Social and economic justice are about people getting a fair go and not just having an advantage.”

On what social justice means to the Labour Party:”We believe in the importance of people’s voices being heard, that is why I want to be an advocate for social justice and for social inclusion.”

On how social justice can change the UK:”The biggest change will be in the way people are treated.

We have a culture that doesn’t respect people’s opinions and beliefs and we will have to do a better job of that.”

On Labour’s future:”People have to understand that we are here to build a fairered society for all, not just for the privileged few.

People have to have equal rights and opportunities.

We are not just about being the richest country in the world, but also about doing the best we can for the many.

That’s what social injustice is about.”