Rock star Use What does it mean to be an ‘anti-social worker’?

What does it mean to be an ‘anti-social worker’?

The term “social emotional support” (SES) is used to describe the emotional support provided by social workers, including the use of social isolation and/or the provision of emotional support for individuals who need it most.

However, there is an emerging movement to broaden the definition of the term to include any support that is offered to individuals who may be socially excluded from the workplace.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has called for the definition to be broadened and it has also recommended the Government should introduce an SES test to help identify and promote those individuals who do not have the capacity to work in the workplace, including those who do have a disability.

Dr Mary Anne O’Callaghan, AMA spokesperson, said the AMA was committed to the concept of SES and would work with the Government to broaden its definition.

“While SES is an important part of our health and wellbeing strategy, it is also important that we continue to support and promote the inclusion of people who are at a disadvantage in our workforce, and we will continue to advocate for a range of employment rights and protections,” Dr O’ Callaghan said.”SES is a key part of the workforce-building initiative that we have undertaken in the past.”

It is essential that we give people with disabilities the support and opportunities they need to work, live and thrive.

“The AMA will also seek advice from the Australian Council of Social Workers on the definition.

Dr O ‘Callaghan said the definition would be useful for the Government and other employers to better understand the needs of their workforce.”

As part of a broader national policy agenda, we would like to hear from the Government on the scope of the changes to the definition that it proposes to make,” Dr Latham said.