Rock star Service Social anxiety medication is cheaper than it seems—but only if you buy it from Amazon

Social anxiety medication is cheaper than it seems—but only if you buy it from Amazon

A new app that uses data from social anxiety medications like Social Security numbers and other data from insurance companies to help people find affordable drugs is getting a lot of attention in the health care industry.

The app, called “A Simple Solution for Social Anxiety,” lets people sign up for a free account and start using their insurance information for free.

But as the app’s creators note, it’s not necessarily free—it requires a prescription from a doctor or other provider.

The company is also using the app to help consumers compare prices. 

The app is available for Android and iOS devices, and is the brainchild of Ben Gilder, a self-described “crowd-sourced social entrepreneur” who is the CEO of The Gilders.

The project is one of many efforts to connect people to healthcare providers, which is a hot topic right now. 

Ben and his co-founder, John Moline, launched their product in 2016, but the project hasn’t gained widespread attention. 

“Social anxiety is a really big topic,” Ben Gyler told The Daily Beast in an interview.

“The thing that we really wanted to focus on was that we were not just doing this to try to save people money, but to help them have better access to healthcare.

So, when people ask, ‘Why don’t you do this?’ we think that it’s really important to tell them that this is something that is really really important for them.” 

As Gildernomics continues to grow, Gilderalts company is aiming to make this a priority.

In an email to The Daily Show, Gylers explained that while he and his company have not been able to scale the app in a way that will make it financially viable, the goal is to eventually build a product that would work on the consumer side.

“What we want is to be able to provide you with a simple way to manage your social anxiety using a number of different methods that are available, and to make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck,” Gilderman said.

“There’s no one perfect solution for social anxiety, but this is one that has been tried and proven.”

Gilderman explained that Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is an umbrella term for anxiety disorders that include panic attacks, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.

SAD can also include a cluster of other disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder, post-somatic stress disorder (PSD), post-annihilation syndrome, and post-anxiety disorder (PAN).

It’s important to note that social anxiety disorder can also affect other people, and Gildere is hoping to help solve the issue of how to identify and treat it in a safe, non-judgmental way.

“When people get anxiety, it can really cause them to feel like they are being watched and have to go through a lot more of the same thing,” Gylerman said, “but there is also this fear of rejection that comes from having to do something to feel normal again.

So I think that there’s an element of fear that comes along with being with someone who is anxious, but there’s also a lot less anxiety that comes with being around someone who doesn’t have that anxiety.” 

Social anxiety disorder is the most common anxiety disorder in the United States, with about 1 in 5 adults reporting it, according to the American College of Psychiatrists.

A recent survey from the National Center for Comorbidity and Anxiety Disorders found that social isolation, anxiety, and stress are among the top three reasons people get treatment for social anxieties. 

For Ben Giffer, the co-founders goal is for the app and the social community to find a way to solve this. 

Social Anxiety Treatment Center founder and CEO Mark Wahlberg said that a lot people with anxiety or depression would be skeptical about taking a social anxiety treatment.

“I have anxiety, too, and I would probably be reluctant to take a drug that was only for me, but when I did, I learned that the medication is effective, and that I was able to do much better,” Wahlbens stated in an email.

“But when I went to the doctor and said, ‘I am struggling with social anxiety,’ and he prescribed a medication for me to do it with, I was shocked.” 

Wahlberg added that there are several social anxiety treatments that are effective, but that the Gildering’s app is different in that it focuses on anxiety rather than social anxiety.

“It doesn’t require people to do anything,” he said. 

It’s not the first time that Ben Giron has used his app to make people feel less anxious.

Earlier this year, Ben posted a video of himself playing a game that allowed him to get into a state of complete anxiety.

The video has been viewed more than 1.3 million times