Rock star Register Facebook’s social distancing sign is a PR nightmare for Irish tech companies

Facebook’s social distancing sign is a PR nightmare for Irish tech companies

Facebook has released a new social distance sign, saying it’s designed to help businesses get “real” about their brand.

The new sign, which appears on the company’s mobile apps, reads: “We all have a responsibility to share our own story and give the world a better way.

We will be sharing more of our personal stories with you.”

Facebook is also taking a hard line against content that “promotes or encourages” terrorism, the Irish Times reported.

“We will be taking a harder line on hate speech and hate speech promotion,” Facebook said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Our community standards and rules require us to be transparent about what content we share with our community.

We are working with local authorities to make sure our community standards are upheld and we are taking steps to ensure that we can continue to support local communities as they take steps to protect themselves.”

The company has been criticised for being too quick to use its platform to push for political causes, especially in countries where there’s been a lot of violence against LGBT people.

Facebook has said it’s working with civil society organisations to create more tools that will “protect users” from hate speech.

But some believe the company needs to do more.

“It is a shame that Facebook, which has already received plenty of criticism for its lack of political neutrality and anti-hate speech, is using a new tool to push its political agenda,” said Daniel Connolly, senior researcher at the Ireland Foundation, a charity.

“Facebook’s new sign appears to be a step in the right direction but there is a long way to go before it becomes the default choice for Irish businesses and citizens,” he said.

“If this new tool does indeed serve as a tool to combat hate speech, it should be used as a platform for that purpose.”