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Why Twitter might be a better way to control social media

A recent survey by Zoho found that it may be time for a social media strategy to change.

The company, which owns Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, surveyed more than 3,500 users across 18 countries across the globe and found that the majority of respondents found Twitter to be a great way to communicate with their followers.

“The data shows that Twitter’s growth is largely due to the fact that people are connecting with each other via the platform and sharing content,” said Zoho chief executive David Blitzer in a press release.

“Twitter has become a vital tool for building meaningful connections and communication, which in turn has been a huge success for our businesses.”

A few months ago, Blitzer also spoke out about how Twitter could potentially be a good tool for social control.

“Social media could be an extremely powerful tool to control people’s behaviour,” he said.

“People are increasingly engaging in illegal behaviour online and it’s not something that we want to see repeat.”

Blitzer went on to suggest that the best way to do that would be to target the users who are most likely to engage in illegal activity.

Twitter has responded by saying that it has more tools to police the platform, but it has not provided any evidence to back up that assertion.