Rock star Register Which is more social: a bacon or a social house?

Which is more social: a bacon or a social house?

Bacon Social House (BSH) is the most social house on the block.

Its owners, a team of New York-based artists, have spent the last six months meticulously decorating and painting their house, and they’re still making the house look good.

But when we visited their space, which was empty and under construction, the owners were in the middle of making plans to demolish the structure.

So, when I asked the owners if they planned to demolise the house when they got to the end of the month, they said they were not sure.

It’s possible the owners have yet to decide what they want to do with the house.

The house is on the ground floor of a four-story building, with a kitchen, living room, dining room, and a garage.

The home has been on the market for over a year, and when the owners got word that the house was on the chopping block, they were thrilled.

They told me that the owners would like to have the house demolished, but that they’d need to do a lot of research on what to do.

In addition to their desire to have a new home built, they wanted to preserve the original look of the house and decorate it with original furniture and original art.

The owners did some research, and came up with a list of ideas they wanted the building to look like.

For example, the interior space will be a space where the house’s guests can hang out, which the owners say will be the perfect place for a bar, and the main room will have a dining area for diners to enjoy the outdoors.

They’ve also considered adding a bar area, a library, a children’s room, a bar and restaurant, and maybe a dance floor.

In the past, the owner of BSH told me she’d love to have her own space, but it would have to be on the property.

So what’s the biggest challenge they face?

When I asked what they think they need to make the house beautiful, they didn’t mention how many people might want to live in it.

But they said that if they were to build it now, the building’s going to need to be demolished.

The building has a reputation for being ugly, and I wondered if the owners’ fear of demolishing their home would lead to a decline in the quality of the building.

But the owners told me they’ve been able to keep the house going with the help of other people.

“I have a lot people working on it, and we’ve got people who live in the building, and all of those people are very passionate about it,” they said.

And the owners also have a great relationship with the city.

“They live in New York, so they get along really well with everyone, and people who don’t know about the building get along with them,” said Michael Smith, a partner in the architecture firm Skidmore Owings & Merrill.

“We’ve been working with them on things, and there’s no real conflict.”

The house was built in 2002, and it was renovated every year since then.

“It’s been a big house, a big building, for so long,” said John Miller, one of the owners.

“The house was in great shape, and then the city built a bridge on the side of the property, and now it’s been boarded up for a while, and you can’t really see it.”

He said that building was not as big as the one on the street, and that the structure’s size made it difficult to get the house in order.

“You’re going to have to come out and get it,” he said.

The structure will also need to withstand the elements, and BSH is hoping that by painting it, the homeowners will make the building look more like a new house.

When I visited the building on a sunny day, it was a bit chilly and humid, but the owners said that their project was all about the aesthetics of the home.

“If you think about the fact that this is a very special building,” said Smith, “you don’t think of the details.”

I think about how the house looks when it’s full of people.

I think it’s a really unique building.

I know that when I’m painting it today, I’m thinking about how this house looks in the wintertime, when it looks like a little house in the woods.

And I know it looks great in the summer, when the sun is shining.

But, I also think about what the house will look like when people are outside, when they come in, and what they’re going through in the house at night.

I’ve seen the house, so I know what it looks and feel like.

I have to paint it right now, but I think we’re going in the right direction.

But I think what they need now is some people in there.