Rock star Service Left-wing socialist’s ‘socialist manifesto’ for 2017

Left-wing socialist’s ‘socialist manifesto’ for 2017

Left-leaning socialist and former member of the Socialist Party of Australia Martin Woods says his manifesto for 2017 will be “a very clear call for a socialist society”.

The former chair of the WA Greens, Woods will launch his campaign on the same day as the state election.

The WA Greens’ Martin Woods and the Australian Labor Party’s Sarah Hanson-Young pose for a picture at the start of the State Election campaign in Perth.

Woods said he was “inspired” by the recent wave of “post-capitalist” movements in Europe and the United States.

“I was interested to see the resurgence of social movements across Europe and North America.

I’ve got a lot of respect for what has been happening in these countries,” he said.

He said the movement to end austerity was “really, really important”.

“But the thing is, the alternative to austerity is not the same.

It is a new social order.

And I think there are going to be more of these opportunities for people who are unemployed or who are working on zero-hours contracts.

But, I’m hopeful that the next election is going to bring about a different society.”

Woods is the author of “A socialist manifesto for 2016”.

He says the manifesto will address “the biggest challenge facing Australia”, the rise of automation, climate change and rising inequality.

It will focus on a “new, egalitarian, cooperative, democratic and ecological socialism” with an emphasis on “a more equitable distribution of wealth and income”.

Woodson said he had not been able to write his own manifesto because it was “too complicated” and “a little bit complicated” to do so.

‘The right-wing is coming for me’Left-leaning Social Democrat Martin Woods said it was crucial for voters to understand the views of the right-leaning political parties in WA.

In an interview with ABC Perth, Woods said he would like to see a “broad and comprehensive” economic policy agenda that could be rolled out in the lead-up to the election.

“We need a very, very robust economic policy which is something which can be developed very quickly,” he told the ABC.

“[We need] to be able to implement that economic policy without any sort of intervention from the political parties.”

He said he believed the Labor Party had become too “right-wing” in recent years.

While he was a member of both the Greens and ALP, he said he did not feel comfortable voting for either party.

At the time of writing, the WA election has not been called and polls are not open for the WA seat of Cairns.