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What you need to know about the bacon social contract

RUSSEAU, British Columbia — A new social contract between the two cities of Saskatchewan and Regina could pave the way for a new way to share social space in the future.

The bacon social agreement is a new kind of social contract where individuals are required to contribute to a shared budget to live in a shared community, but where the members are also required to abide by certain social rules, according to the organizers.

The social contract is being developed by Saskatoon-based social contract group, The Bacon Social Contract, or SCC, and Regina-based Social Contract Group.

It’s part of a broader social contract for the city of Regina that was recently extended for two years.

The contract is now being reviewed by the city’s executive committee.

The Bacon Social contract is meant to help the city and its citizens better share resources.

It’s also meant to create more jobs for Regina residents, said Sarah Loh, spokesperson for Saskatoon Public Library, where the social contract was developed.

She said it’s an important step in the city to help more people get connected to the city.

The Saskatoon Library is the only library in Saskatchewan that’s been involved in the Bacon Social agreement.

Its staff are also members of the Bacon Contract group.

In Saskatchewan, the social contracts are meant to be an extension of a shared social contract, said Regina’s social contract coordinator, Marci Whelan.

The Saskatchewan Social Contract is being rolled out to other cities, and she said that’s what it is designed to do.

In Regina, the contract has a goal of reducing homelessness by 50 per cent over the next five years.

That goal is part of the agreement, and it will be presented to city council on May 13, said Loh.

If council approves it, Regina’s city council would then sign off on the agreement.

It could be that we’ll see this kind of contract, she said.