Rock star Login How to find a unique park in your area: National Geographic

How to find a unique park in your area: National Geographic

With its picturesque, wooded mountains, rolling hills and rolling plains, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains are one of the best natural areas for hiking and mountain biking.

But the region also has some of the most dangerous terrain on the planet.

A map of the Rocky Mountain National Park shows the terrain with red highlighting areas where hikers are more likely to be struck by lightning, avalanches and avalanches.

So if you want to find your favorite park in the Rocky Mountains, the next best thing to a trip to Yellowstone National Park or the Grand Canyon National Park is to go on a hike.

And that means hiking in Colorado.

A trail network is one of many ways to find new spots, and the National Geographic Trail Maps offer a map of where to hike, where to camp, what to do, and more.

Read more about the Rocky Mountaineering Trail Map and our favorite hiking spots.

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